Salvo, The Who, Why, Where and What.

A more serious look at the history and reasons

On the 29th of November 2007 I posted on an internet forum something that hadn’t been mentioned up until that point, I just got the news that my wife was in remission from breast cancer.

This evil disease had hit her just after the birth of our second child and just as I had started out making guitars, I was still buying tools and building a workshop at the time.


It was she that insisted I didn’t stop or put the business on hold, even though it meant that her workload wouldn’t diminish, there would be no lying in bed all day after chemo, things would carry on as normal.

Well that’s what she did, without that monumental, superhuman and selfless time then and since I wouldn’t have made guitars at all in all likelihood. 


At the time I vowed that at some point, when I had it sussed I would be making a pink guitar as often as possible to auction for breast cancer related charities or cancer UK.  It has taken me 9 years, 2 workshops and a move to Wales but I have the capability to make that happen now.


Since starting out making guitars in 2006 I have always personally loved the bright, outrageous colours, swirls, crackles etc that made the exciting guitars of my youth..  I always meant to make them and now, I have !